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Meet The Team

You already know Shannon Fabrics for our collections of irresistible Cuddle® and Luxe Cuddle®, now we’d like to introduce you to the talented and hardworking people behind the scenes who bring these magical fabrics to life!

Our team members share a sense of pride in the products we sell, the services we offer and the impact we make in our communities. Together we strive to embody our company mission of Making The World A Softer Place® both personally and professionally.

Looking to join the Shannon Fabrics family? Click here to see open listings on our careers page, and click here to learn more about our vision, mission and company values.

Executive Team
Ebrahim Pairavi started Shannon Fabrics in 1995 as a first generation Persian immigrant. He is still actively involved in the company and remains a pillar of support and a guiding light for the team. Ebrahim’s commitment to integrity, loyalty and honesty has been instrumental in our relationships and growth over the last three decades.
Ebrahim Pairavi
Arvin Pairavi is the president of Shannon Fabrics and the innovative mind behind the industry-leading Cuddle® and Luxe Cuddle® collections. For him, the relationships with customers, employees and vendors are the most fufilling part of running the company, and he also enjoys seeing how creative sewists, quilters and manufacturers are with our fabrics. Arvin is a dreamer who loves developing the vision for Shannon Fabrics and having the team to help him see his ideas grow and come to life. Luxe Cuddle® Wild Rabbit or Luxe Cuddle® Glacier is his favorite fabric, depending on his mood.
Arvin Pairavi
Julie Olds is the general manager for Shannon Fabrics, and working with new customers, mentoring employees and creating new products are her favorite aspects of her job. She has over 40 years in the textile industry — 35 in retail fabrics (20 years of that as the general manager for Fabric Depot, the largest fabric store in the country) and has been with Shannon Fabrics since 2013. Though it’s a hard decision, Luxe Cuddle® Snowy Owl Natural is her standout fabric (but she could’ve easily included 10 more)!
Julie Olds
General Manager
Matt Brennan is the sales manager at Shannon Fabrics, and oversees the entire sales team. Even after 30 years in the textile industry, he loves how he’s able to meet and connect with customers from all over the world. For him, the team is the best part about working at Shannon Fabrics, and his favorite fabric is Luxe Cuddle® Wild Rabbit.
Matt Brennan
Sales Manager
In-House Sales Team
Annette Alvarez is an in-house manufacturing sales representative at Shannon Fabrics. She loves going to all of the different trade shows and getting to meet many of our customers in person, and her favorite part about working at Shannon Fabrics is the family-like atmosphere. While it's hard for her to pick a favorite fabric because she helped design many of them, there’s something about Luxe Cuddle® Lattice that really stands out to her. She loves the simple and chic embossing!
Annette Alvarez
Manufacturing Sales Rep
Aurora Hernandez is a manufacturing sales representative for Shannon Fabrics. Building relationships with customers is the most fulfilling part of her job, and she also appreciates how Shannon Fabrics strives to continue Making The World A Softer Place®. Luxe Cuddle® Mink and Luxe Cuddle® Snowy Owl are her favorite fabrics!
Aurora Hernandez
Manufacturing Sales Rep
Melissa Zaldivar has been in the fabric industry for over ten years and is one of the expert sales representatives at Shannon Fabrics. Her favorite part about working for Shannon Fabrics is being able to do a variety of tasks internally or externally with customers and the flexibility within the position. She loves the collaboration, and how everyone shares the same vision and dedication to our mission. Melissa’s favorite fabric is a classic — Luxe Cuddle® Frosted Zebra.
Melissa Zaldivar
Retail Sales Rep
Daisy Ruiz is the Sales Manager Admin Assistant for Shannon Fabrics. She loves all the personal interactions with customers on a daily basis, and that she gets to work with great people! Out of all our fabrics, Luxe Cuddle® Frosted Hide is her favorite.
Daisy Ruiz
Sales Manager Admin Assistant
Customer Service Team
Andrea Martinez is the Customer Service Assistant Manager for Shannon Fabrics. Her favorite part about coming to work is that she gets to talk to a variety of customers every day, and that she gets to work with an amazing customer service team who is willing to help each other out! Her favorite fabric is Luxe Cuddle® Hide Baby Blue.
Andrea Martinez
Customer Service Assistant Manager
Patty Hernandez is a customer service representative for Shannon Fabrics. She worked for E.E. Schenck before joining the Shannon Fabrics family, and helping our customers and working with the people around her is the highlight of her day. She can’t pick just one Luxe Cuddle® fabric — all are her favorite!
Patty Hernandez
Customer Service Representative
Sara Aguilar
Customer Service Representative
Education Team
Teresa Coates is the national educator for Shannon Fabrics, known for her video tutorial series Sew Together Tuesday! She loves seeing and hearing about the joy that people get from classes and tutorials that she leads. Teresa has sewn since she was 10, including apparel, home decor, quilting and crafts, and she’s been working in the fabric industry for about 10 years. Her favorite part about working at Shannon Fabrics is the opportunity to do the things that she’s best at and sharing that with people she cares about. Luxe Cuddle® Weave is her favorite fabric for binding, and she loves Luxe Cuddle® Galaxy for its color variety and ease of coordinating with prints!
Teresa Coates
National Educator
Jason "Hawke" Hamilton is a content producer and co-host of our educational video series, Sew Together Tuesday and Teresa’s partner. His favorite fabric is, you guessed it, Luxe Cuddle® Hawke!
Jason Hamilton
Education Content Producer
Karina Rangel is the education and events coordinator for Shannon Fabrics, and she enjoys working with brand ambassadors and seeing all the wonderful creations they sew with Cuddle® fabric. She used to sew when she was younger, but working around fabric has inspired her to try making some goodies as gifts for the holidays. Her favorite fabric is Luxe Cuddle® Galaxy!
Karina Rangel
Education and Events Coordinator
Laura Garcia is the always-creative education and events coordinator who also takes care of the displays. She loves creating new things, and collaborating with her team because they share the same vision and dedication to the mission of Making The World A Softer Place®. Luxe Cuddle® Hide is her favorite fabric!
Laura Garcia
Education and Events Coordinator
Production Team
Johnny Irahola is the purchasing and IT coordinator for Shannon Fabrics. He’s been in the fabric industry for over 15 years, and even after all that time, he still enjoys every aspect of his job. The Shannon Fabrics team is his favorite part about coming to work, and Luxe Cuddle® Snowy Owl is his favorite fabric.
Johnny Irahola
Purchasing and IT Coordinator
Anna is the Product Development Manager for Shannon Fabrics. She’s been in the fabric industry for over 10 years, and her favorite part of her job is collaborating with our overseas mills. She loves working at Shannon Fabrics for the wonderful people and warm environment, and her favorite fabric is Luxe Cuddle® Seal.
Anna Napasa
Product Development Manager
Mary is the finished goods production manager for Shannon Fabrics, so she helps create, develop and work with outside makers to develop samples. She’s been in the apparel industry for over 30 years, and loves how Shannon Fabrics challenges her and how she’s constantly learning new things. The trust given to her when making decisions is what she appreciates most about working at Shannon Fabrics, and her favorite fabrics are Luxe Cuddle® Heather and Luxe Cuddle® Hide.
Maria V. Vilchis
Finished Goods Production Manager
Heather Marquardt
Senior Creative Design Coordinator
Diana is the design coordinator for Shannon Fabrics, Seeing her fabrics come to life is her favorite part of her job, and she especially enjoys working with her team. Luxe Cuddle® Seal Cosmic Rosewine is her favorite fabric — until next year’s fabrics are released!
Diana Bowers
Design Coordinator
Karen is the product development assistant for Shannon Fabrics, and she loves providing input on new collections. To her, the best part about working at Shannon Fabrics is how the company cares for its people as people, not just employees, and she appreciates the encouragement from the staff and friendly atmosphere. Luxe Cuddle® Glacier Royal is her favorite fabric, so far!
Karen Najera
Product Development Assistant
Marketing Team
Adriana Palacios
Social Media Specialist
Jeremy Lee Camp is the videographer for Shannon Fabrics. He enjoys collaborating with “the best marketing team he’s ever worked with”, and besides his co-workers, his favorite thing about working at Shannon Fabrics is the quality product. Fun fact — his mom used to have to hold him back when he was a kid from feeling soft fabric on people's clothing, and his favorite Shannon Fabrics collection is “Lone Pine”.
Jeremy Camp
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