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Mission, Vision and Company Values


To be the premier provider of quality products that bring comfort, joy and happiness into the world.



Our mission is to make the world a softer place by inspiring our customers with the products we sell, the services we offer and the impact we make in the community.



Making The World A Softer Place™



Always maintain a high level of Integrity


Follow your moral and ethical convictions and do the right thing in all circumstances, even when nobody is watching. Be true to yourself and do nothing that dishonors you.


Keep your promises to customers, coworkers and affiliates, even when it is difficult or takes extra effort.


Provide a Positive Employee Workplace


We value our employees and aim to create a family environment where each individual’s talents and ideas are appreciated.


Contribute, provide honest feedback and stay engaged.


Consistently strive for Excellence


Good isn't enough — strive to be outstanding and continually raise the bar.


Be passionate and be your best in everything you do. Remember, excellence is not an act but a habit.


Obsess over our Customers


Think about the customer experience in all that you do. Go the extra mile and always aim to surprise and delight our customers. Focus on our customers’ needs and find ways to add the most value.


Go above and beyond your customers’ expectations — turn them into raving fans.


Value Teamwork


TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. When you respect and value your coworkers’ contributions, you can relate to one another more effectively which leads to increased efficiency.


Cultivate genuine and meaningful relationships to create constructive and productive outcomes.


Make an Impact


Strive to have a positive and lasting impact on our customers’, our communities and ourselves.


By doing your best to make people and their businesses successful, you will enrich the lives of those around you, inspire others to do the same by paying it forward, and achieve long-lasting prosperity for our company.


Always Innovate


Dare to be different — always look for better solutions and think outside the box.


Innovation is about being creative and original in both your thinking and actions.



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