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Video Tutorials

You've gathered the fabric and supplies, what now? If you're looking for some sewing inspiration and new ideas, you're at the right place. Here we've compiled our favorite tutorials and videos for some of our favorite sewing projects, all organized into several easy-to-make categories. Many of these free videos and tutorials will walk you step by step through the entire process, making sewing a breeze and as frustration-free as possible. Our throw blanket and scarf tutorials are always two of our most popular, but there's plenty more to explore and try for yourself. All that's left is to pick a project and get to work!

Kimono-style Blouse
Make A Removable Faux Fur (Luxe Cuddle®) Collar
Unique Coat Collar/Hood/Scarf
Sew a Protective Face Mask (COVID-19)


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