best top minky plush fabric wholesalers
We’ve compiled information about six of the best minky plush fabric wholesalers you should consider.

Who are the best minky plush fabric wholesalers? If you’re a retailer or manufacturer, we know you have many options at your fingertips when it comes to minky plush fabric wholesalers.

And as you should, you’re naturally going to research different minky wholesalers to figure out which best fits your company’s needs and goals.

While here at Shannon Fabrics we’ve made it our mission to create several collections of minky plush fabric that are not only super soft and durable, but offer a strong value to our customers, we respect that you have other options to consider before choosing a minky plush fabric wholesaler.

We have an honest and transparent philosophy in all aspects of our business, and this includes providing our customers all the information they need to make the best decision for them — even if it means not doing business with us.

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Because of our long history developing high-quality minky fabric, as well as collaborating with and listening to feedback from our vendors, partners and customers, we have a thorough understanding of what makes a wholesaler (and minky fabric) great.

Here, we’ve compiled information about six of the best minky plush fabric wholesalers you should consider.

To be neutral, we’ve removed Shannon Fabrics from this list.

The 6 Best Minky Plush Fabric Wholesalers (in no particular order)

  • Benartex
  • Moda Fabrics + Supplies
  • Versailles Home Textiles
  • EZ Fabrics
  • Baum Textile Mills, Inc.
  • Riley Blake Designs

benartex wholesale minky plush fabric


Location: New York, NY

Year founded: Unavailable

Products include: Cotton, minky, patterns, quilt backs

Notables: Benartex has become a leading supplier of 100% cotton prints for quilters, crafters and home decorators. They also offer several different minky styles (they spell it minkee), including solids, animal prints and embossed stripe and dot textures.

moda wholesale minky plush fabric
Moda Fabrics + Supplies

Moda Fabrics + Supplies

Location: Dallas, TX

Year founded: 1975

Products include: Fabrics, notions, patterns, books, quilting supplies

Notables: Formerly branded as United Notions, Moda Fabrics + Supplies offers a few varieties of Fireside — their brand of minky plush fabric. Minky is just one small portion of their business, they’re most known for their cottons, and they sell notions, quilting supplies and patterns at the wholesale level, too.

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versailles wholesale minky plush fabric
Versailles Home Textiles

Versailles Home Textiles

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Year founded: Unavailable

Products include: Home fashion fabric, plush/minky fabric, ready-made capabilities

Notables: Versailles Home Textiles offers a wide range of fabrics, from home fashion fabrics to minky fabrics, and the team has over 100 years of experience in the home textile industry. Their ready-made capabilities include bedding and comforter sets, window panels, baby bedding, stuffed animals, etc.

ez fabric wholesale minky plush fabric
EZ Fabric

EZ Fabrics

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Year founded: 1996

Products include: Minky, Faux Furs

Notables: Los Angeles-based wholesaler EZ Fabrics offers minky (Snuggle is their brand of minky) and faux fur fabrics in a variety of colors, designs and prints.

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baum textile mills wholesale minky plush fabric
Baum Textile Mills, Inc.

Baum Textile Mills, Inc.

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Year founded: 1955

Products include: Fleece, flannels, cottons, minky

Notables: While Baum Textile Mills is known for their fleeces and flannels (specifically their exclusive WinterFleece™ collection), they also offer a handful of minky plush fabrics in basic solid colors. And created in 1995, their Windham Fabrics division has become well known for its textured, floral and contemporary cotton fabric collections catering to today’s quilter.

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Riley Blake wholesale minky plush fabric
Riley Blake Designs

Riley Blake Designs

Location: Alpine, UT

Year founded: 2009

Products include: Cotton basics, flannel, minky, wool

Notables: The first Riley Blake Designs fabrics were unveiled at the 2009 Spring Quilt Market, and they have since expanded their product offerings to include minky fabric. Their brand of minky is called “Dreamy”, and is available in plain solids, as well as a solid-color embossed dimple option.

Next Steps

Now that you have a better idea of the minky wholesale supplier landscape, it’s time to figure out which option is best for you and your company. As minky wholesalers ourselves, our goal is to assist you through finding the right fit as much as possible.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking a minky fabric wholesaler:

  • Price
  • Pile height
  • Weight
  • Country of origin
  • Quality
  • Stretch (two-way vs. four-way stretch)
  • Location/shipping charges
  • Product availability
  • Product selection

We know how complicated finding the right minky fabric wholesaler for your business can be, especially for first-time customers.

At Shannon Fabrics, we live and breathe minky fabric. Not only do we provide all the educational resources, tutorials and free patterns you need to make the most of sewing with this soft, irresistible fabric, but we also have more than a million yards of fabric in stock and ready to ship.

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If you have any questions about minky fabric, or would just like to learn more about buying minky fabric at the wholesale level, feel free to email us or call our team of friendly, no-pressure customer service associates at 323.234.5252.

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