Hello!  I’m Emilee, a Shannon Fabrics Sales Rep and Brand Ambassador, and I’m back with the perfect quilt for the 4th of July!  This Quilt As You Go QAYG Cuddle® minky American Flag is fast, fun, and much easier than it looks!Starry Cuddle Flag Quilt

My family took a trip to see Mount Rushmore National Memorial and wow is it amazing! It’s a massive sculpture carved into Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. We had a great trip and we brought the quilt along for fun.

Starry Cuddle Flag Quilt tutorial for July 4th

Here is what you will need to make this Starry Cuddle® Flag quilt:

⅝ of a yard of Embossed Star Cuddle® Midnight Blue

¾ of a yard of Solid Cuddle® 3 White (1 yard if you use white for the binding)

1 ¼ of a yard of Solid Cuddle® 3 Scarlet  (including binding, you need 1 yard if you use white for the binding

1 ½ yards of 60 wide Cuddle® for the backing.  I used Anchors Cuddle® Teal/Scarlet but you could use a number of fun solids or prints. the options are endless!

60 x 60 piece of batting– I used Quilters Dream Green in the throw size and it worked perfectly!

½ yard of steam a seam light or Steam-A-Seam 2 from The Warm Company

Other notions:  flower head pins, 505® Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive basting spray, large ruler (at least 6 x 24), and frixon highlighter for marking

Starry Cuddle Flag Quilt vertical with logo and text for Pinterest

Are you ready? Here’s how to make the quilt:

One note of caution before you start. Red Cuddle® can run so please wash it separately first.


Midnight blue:  19 x 26 inch piece

White:  (2) 10 inch strips.  Cut 18 inches off 1 of the strips

Red:  (3) 10 inch strips.  Cut 18 inches off 1 of the strips

Binding in Red OR White:  (4) 1 ¾ inch strips

Star applique:   8 stars out of the white Cuddle. (To make the stars, find a star size and shape you like on the internet, print it out and trace around it. Mine are approx. 4 inches x 4 inches)

Shannon Fabrics has lots of great tip sheets available!  We are basically going to follow the sew and flip method, applique, and binding technique sheets.

Start by preparing your backing and batting by basting them together with 505® Spray and Fix.  I prefer to lay my batting down first and the layer the Cuddle® on top.  I always pay attention to the nap. I pull the Cuddle® ½ way back and start in the middle.  I work in sections till I reach the edge and then do the other side.

Your backing will be slightly smaller than the batting (54 x 60).  I recommend cutting the extra batting away with scissors.  54 is the length and 60 is the width when looking at the flag.  The 10 strips will run selvage to selvage–the 60 inch width.

Starry Cuddle Flag Quilt Step 1

Now flip it over so that the batting is on top.   Using a large ruler and the Frixon highlighter mark 10 inches down from the top of the batting (remember 60 is the width).

Starry Cuddle® Flage Quilt Step 2

Grab the scarlet and the white 10 strip with the 18 inches cut off.  Starting at the RIGHT edge of the batting lay the white strip right side up below the line you have drawn.  Use a little bit of 505® to hold it once you are happy with the position.  Layer the scarlet strip right sides together on top.  Pin well along the edge you highlighted.   Sew with a ½ inch seam allowance.  Flip the scarlet strip up.  Use a little basting spray to hold it once you are happy with the placement.

Starry Cuddle®Flag quilt Step 3

Now grab your midnight blue piece cut to 19 x 26.  Place it on top of the scarlet and white strips with right sides together.  Pin the left edge and sew with a ½ inch seam allowance. It is a good idea to backstitch at the bottom of the white strip.

Starry Cuddle®Flag quilt Step 4

Once sewn, flip the midnight blue strip to the left.  Once you are happy with the position, use a bit of 505® Spray and Fix to hold it in place.

Now you are ready to add the last 3 strips!   Using a scarlet strip next, layer and pin the edge.  Sew, flip and smooth.

Starry Cuddle®Flag quilt Step 5

Next add the last white strip in the same manner and then finish with the scarlet strip.

Trim the quilt.  I found using my 12 inch square ruler and going slowly worked best for keeping the strips nice and even.

Now to add the stars!  Trace 8 of the stars onto the Steam-A-Seam.  Fuse them to the 18 inch piece of white cut of the strip.  You will also have a bit of yard left if you need more. Make sure to use an applique pressing sheet so you don’t melt the fabric.

Cut out your stars using sharp applique scissors.  I like to do this right over a small trash can.  Once I have the shapes cut out, I find it is helpful to run my fingers around the edge of the shapes and remove any extra fibers from them.

Place your stars on the quilt and decide on a layout prior to setting them with heat.  Once you have pressed them down, use a zig zag or blanket stitch to go around them.  I prefer a “smallish” zig zag, but do whatever works best for you and your machine.  Applique with Cuddle® is so forgiving and most of the stitching will just disappear into the Cuddle® nap.

Starry Cuddle®Flag quilt Step 6

Once you have sewn down all of your stars you are ready to bind.  The Shannon Fabrics binding tip sheet is awesome!

Here’s a fun photo of my children- we had a great summer adventure outdoors.

Starry Cuddle Flag Quilt horizontal with logo white

Your Starry Cuddle® quilt is done!  Enjoy!

Starry Cuddle flag quilt with test and logo for ig V2

Starry Cuddle American Flag Quilt - Happy 4th of July!

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Happy Fourth of July!


Written by ellen@shannonfabrics.com