When the tragedy struck at Sandy Hook School in Newtown last year, we were deeply saddened. We wanted to do what quilters do– make quilts to bring comfort and joy.  But the community was already so overwhelmed with donations. They asked that a donation be redirected to the children of our own community in honor of those lost.


We contacted our friends at Project Linus. Their Handmade Hugs chapter was willing to donate time to make quilts out of our Cuddle kits. The quilts were then donated to the community.

Here are a few of the lovely volunteers with our Quilt Kits.


To find out more about Project Linus,  click here.

We are happy to give back to the community, and we encourage you to give back too. We are happy to make a difference, and, like our motto, make the world a softer place.




Written by ellen@shannonfabrics.com